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1x08 - Seventeen Candles



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3.01 Reversals of Fortune

Blair: Waiter! This glass is dirty, and I’ve been waiting far too long.
Chuck: Well I apologize ma’am. Surely there’s some way I can make up for the poor service.
Blair: I can think of a few ways.

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2.14, In The Realm Of The Basses

Chuck: I’m Chuck Bass! [pauses] …Who cares?
Blair: I do. Don’t you understand? I’ll always be here. I don’t want you going anywhere. I couldn’t bear it. So, whatever you want to do with yourself… Please don’t do that to me. Please…
Chuck: I’m sorry.
Blair: That’s okay.

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1.07 Victor, Victrola





Chuck: (Showing pictures where Serena is getting out of the treatment center) Admit it. Even for me this was good.
Blair: If you weren’t such a perv, I’m sure the CIA would hire you in a second.
Chuck: Defending my country. There’s a future I never imagined.
Blair: With good reason. What is she doing there?
Chuck: What’s anyone doing there? It’s a facility for the disturbed or addicted.
Blair: You must have your own wing.
Chuck: You don’t get nearly enough credit for your wit.

Chuck: So the question is: What do you do now?
Blair: Oh, I was thinking… Total social destruction.
Chuck: And here I thought you were getting soft. [Blair smiles]

Chuck: So this is your bed, huh?
Blair: Leaving, now!
Chuck: You can repay me another time.

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3.02, The Freshman


Chuck: As if watching Audrey Hepburn movies isn’t manhood-shriveling enough, I now have to talk about my feelings.
Blair: Those movies are the only romance I have in my life. He loves his work more than he loves me!
Holland: I’m sorry. I really prefer to see couples in my office. Why don’t you call and make an appointment?
Chuck: Please. Please.
Blair: He traded me to his uncle… for his hotel.
Holland: Traded you?
Blair: For sex.
Chuck: Please, is it any worse than you tricking me into kissing a guy just so you can give a speech?
Blair: That’s not the same. He’s kissed guys before.
Chuck: She slept with Jack… my uncle.
Holland: Clearly, you both have hurt each other, and now neither of you feel safe.
Blair: How can we rebuild?

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2.25 - Not anymore

Blair: You’re not mad at me because of that. Just like i’m not mad at you about Vanessa.
Chuck: Stop telling me how I feel.
Blair: We’re just doing what we always do. Finding excuses. Well I won’t do it anymore. I know you told Serena you love me.
Chuck: Serena heard wrong.
Blair: Last year, you told Nate. This year, you told Serena. You tell everyone but me. Why can’t you tell me? Is Gossip Girl right about you being a coward?
Chuck: That’s not true and you know it!
Blair: Gossip Girl can be right about you all she wants. But I won’t let her be right about me. I will not be weak anymore. You can’t run. You have to stay here and hear it this time. Chuck Bass, I love you. I love you, so much, it consumes me. I love you. And I know you love me too. Tell me you love me. That everything we’ve done, all the gossip, and the lies, and the hurt, will have been for something. Tell me it was for something.
Chuck: Maybe it was. But it’s not anymore.

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1.01, Pilot